Temple Sowerby Church of England Primary School

Our Vision:

“Our vision for the school community is rooted in a deep respect for our human, social, and cultural values, expressed in a caring Christian ethos. We aim to provide high academic standards and a wide range of experiences and opportunities. In doing so, we encourage all children to flourish by giving them the skills they need to become good citizens and to discover life in all its fullness.”

Our Curriculum:

At Temple Sowerby CE School, our curriculum reflects our school vision by promoting academic standards, providing a wide range of opportunities and experiences, and by encouraging children to flourish in a caring, nurturing environment.

It has been designed to ensure that every child receives a broad and balanced range of learning opportunities and is progressive, building skills sequentially over each year and gradually developing their understanding of concepts and vocabulary. It also reflects our location  in the heart of the Eden Valley, close to the Lake District. We aim to make the most of our environment when delivering our curriculum, whilst at the same time addressing the challenges of our rural location, through providing opportunities for children to learn about the wider world and experience cultural enrichment.

The experiences we offer support our Christian ethos and ensure that our children benefit from a variety of academic, spiritual, moral, social and cultural activities. These activities enrich their lives and those of our whole school community and make the pupils reflect on and use our school values.

As a small school, our children are taught in mixed-age classes. In Key Stage 1, we have a 2-year rolling programme of topics and in Key Stage 2 a 4-year rolling programme, to ensure full coverage of the curriculum. Further details of what content is covered and how our curriculum meets the requirements of the National Curriculum are shown in the documents below.

Curriculum Design Statement

Key Stage 1 – KS1 Curriculum, Key Stage 1 Curriculum Map

Key Stage 2 – KS2 Curriculum, Key Stage 2 Curriculum Map

The content of our school curriculum for every subject can be found by following the links below.

Early Years Foundation Stage






Religious Education

Physical Education

Art and Design

Design and Technology

Modern Foreign Languages



Relationships, Health and Sex Education