For school to have its optimum success for your child it is important we work in partnership. We are confident we share the same aims and aspirations – we want your child to be happy, confident and aware of his or her achievements. By working together, we can enable your child to achieve to the best of their ability, and ensure they are aware of their contributions to school life.

Partnering With You

In supporting your child, it is important we nurture our partnership with you, the parent. You can help in this relationship with school by letting us know as soon as possible of any worries or concerns you have. We are often busy before school but this does not mean you cannot approach us if you have an immediate concern.

All staff are available at the end of each school day. If you wish to talk to us in confidence, it may be better to arrange a time when we can meet. This can always be arranged within twenty four hours.

It is important your child knows we have common goals and we work together to achieve them. There are many things you can do to assist in this partnership between home and school.

Home Involvement

In the early years, when children are developing their literacy skills, help from parents is invaluable. Reading involves many skills that can be developed at home and when you are out and about together. You can spot words and letters together – look out for road signs, street names, and food labels. Look at the shape of words – tall and short letters, their length and repeated letters. Children enjoy looking for words that rhyme and nursery rhymes – read or recited – can be a useful tool in learning about words.

We will ask you to share your child’s reading books with them and provide information about the ways of helping to develop reading skills to all parents who are interested. One of the most important things you can do is let your child know you value books, that you enjoy reading and that reading is useful. If your child sees you reading – a book, a newspaper, a recipe book – they will learn from you that there is a purpose to acquiring this new skill.

As reading skills develop, we encourage children to read for information as well as pleasure. Information books have an important place throughout the school. A visit to the library to look for reference books to support topic work in school will provide another opportunity for you to enjoy books together.

Learning to write, and to understand mathematical concepts, is challenging and exciting. Remember that children develop at a different pace, and try not to compare your own child’s progress with that of other children. At an early stage it is important that all efforts are encouraged.

Throughout their time at Temple Sowerby School, children are encouraged to talk about their thoughts and experiences. They learn to listen to each other, to discuss a wide range of topics and to respect different views from their own. Talking with your child is something you probably already enjoy and it is important you continue to do so even though you will now be with them fewer hours in each day. Many children are unable to relate the events of their day when they first get home. Give your child time to reflect; they’ll tell you everything if you stay interested – quite possibly just when you’re busy!