The school rules are simple and they are intended to promote the well-being and happiness of everyone in school. We promote positive behaviour throughout the school, based on mutual respect. We encourage pupils to support each other and provide a variety of opportunities for them to do so.

We expect each pupil to:

Have friendly, natural good manners

This way children learn to treat both adults and other children with courtesy and thoughtfulness.

Talk with a reasonable degree of quietness

When school is in progress, we encourage calm and quiet movement through school.

Treat the equipment and books with care

These are freely available and need to be put away in their correct place so it is easily found again.

Co-operate with their teacher

In simple tasks such as keeping the classroom tidy.

When things go wrong, a teacher will discuss the problem with the child, helping the child to see why things are wrong. If necessary, a teacher will discuss the child’s behaviour with his or her parents, so that together they can decide on a suitable course of action. If parents have any worries, complaints or concerns, the Headteacher will do his utmost to help either by talking privately at school.  If the parents still have concerns, they can write to the Governors through the Clerk.

We would like you all to feel able to talk to us.